I've created jewelry for years, because as all women know sometimes it's difficult to find the perfect accessory. I began to make my own!  The response from friends was so positive, I was encouraged to launch my own line of earrings, bracelets and necklaces called "Sparklies". Intriguing carved natural stone, unique glass, handcarved wood and the occasional Swarovski crystal gives these creations some sparkle and shine... and everybody needs a bit o' sparkle sometimes.  


These and other jewelry creations are available at the Red Cockerill Gallery in downtown Austell and at the new Courthouse Art Studio & Gallery in the historic downtown Dallas Ga. courthouse. 











The name of my jewelry line, "Sparklies", is a fond tip-of-the-hat to the character of Jeremy the crow in the movie 'The Secret of NIMH'.  We miss you, Dom DeLuise, voice of Jeremy & so many other wonderful characters.