Atheism and the theory put forth by brother Darwin.

Did you think I forgot the atheists who believe God does not exist?  No, I didn't forget them but to date I'm still searching for their explanation as to how this world came to be... I did discover, however, that Darwin himself said his theory was just that: a THEORY and that he considered it incomplete because it has no way to explain how the very first millisecond of history began.  Consider these musings from a young friend of mine Will Galloway

and his research on brother Darwin and the infamous theory:

Darwin's Theory of Evolution has long ruled the classroom and the academic forum as the accepted explanation for human life. This broad acceptance belies the fact that the theory is a complete crock. "But how can you say that???" you splutter, blinking over your worn copy of Dawkins. "Why would these intelligent men mislead us? And why would anyone let them?"

The answer to your question is simple but profound: Darwinism is not a science, but a religion. It is based on suppositions which are not and sometimes cannot be proven through observation or experimentation, and its followers cling to it with a blind intensity worthy of any group of zealots you might name. The adherents of Darwinism want nothing more than to deny the existence of God. Ideologically speaking, there is no better tool for this than the theory of evolution, which seeks to overcome nature's tendency to "declare God's glory." The Bible states that the earth itself is testimony enough to God's existence and essential greatness. Naturally, then, an atheist desperately wants something else to think about when he looks at nature. Therefore he is willing to cling to his belief in Darwinism in the face of substantial evidence that it is fatally flawed.

The only real theory opposing Darwin's is Intelligent Design theory, which allows for Creation as a real possibility. But wait! With Creationism comes God, and with God comes universal standards: good and bad, right and wrong. And from that springs - oh, dear - personal responsibility for one's actions. That's not a world that a lot of people would like to live in, and these atheistic scientists are no exception. As you may have noticed, the past decade or so has been all about finding particular genes that are the true cause of some behavior or other, so that eventually no one can be blamed for anything they do. Can't lose weight? Little drinking problem? Don't worry - we'll find a gene for all that faster than you can say "Denial". "

Well done, Will. 

At its best, science gives us insight as to how God created the world we ive in.  At its worst, it presumes to be that which answers all questions. 

Evolution Defanged