Dig this:  Undeniable evidence that God exists

Go outdoors and get away from civilization & development for awhile. NATURE is proof that there is a Creator, and is a tantalizing glimpse into His personality: He obviously likes variety, texture, color,
and vitality.  Think about the first things He created on earth - the sea, land, creatures, sky.  All this was set in motion before He ever put us here...
Come on now, don't you think earth's beauty, intricacy, complexity and sheer magnitude is just too much to have simply 'appeared'?  SOMEbody has to be responsible for all this.  I'll tell you what happened to me last spring, that again brought this insight into God to mind: my husband had a new telescope and he found that nebula in Orion's belt.  As I looked at it thru the lens I said 'That's just a cloud in the sky, with stars past it, right?' He laughed and said 'Nooo, that is a nebula - the cloud is there with the stars.'  I simply couldn't breathe for a second - something that massive, that far away, that spectacular, it just awed me to think of who put it there.  Just the other night we observed Jupiter, with it's stripes and 4 moons... wow.  Who made the planet so beautifully round, so balanced, and with those sparkling moons circling it so steadily?
*YOU are proof that God exists.  Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Do it now, and don't be critical of yourself.  There in that mirror is a 1-of-a-kind person with an intricate, complicated, amazingly complex mind, and a set of abilities, talents, hopes and potential that is you & you alone.  YOU are awesome!

*And ME - I'm proof that God exists too not only in my physical being but also in the reality that a 'computer-eejit' like me I could figure out how to create a web site where I can tell you how God has been evident in my own life.  I can draw, and when I'm deep in the mood and creating good work, I feel an energy flowing thru me that isn't from me - it's the same creativity God feels when He creates something new.  How I came to be right here, right now is no coincidence... all of this has been set in motion by an amazing God who loves us.

What Do You Believe In...
...a deity who created the stars in the heavens?  An unfathomable entity who is beyond our comprehension?  Perhaps a deity who demands that you perfectly follow a list of rules in order to be considered worthy...
Or maybe you do not believe there is any deity or creator or God at all...
I've spent a lot of time researching the main belief systems and its astonishing how different they all are.  You ought to investigate this too: go compare for yourself the teachings of teachers & prophets and see what the difference is.  I've found some basic differences worth considering:

*The Hindu will tell you 'Brahman' is the sole reality, a non-personal life-force that resides in everything that exists; they believe that all of reality proceeds from this one essence. There are literally hundreds of lesser deities you can worship too.  Reality is spirit; the world we live in is a mere illusion; what counts is how you act, and you endure countless rebirths into this life until you act good enough - then you finally cease to be yourself.  And when you get down to the issue of why people suffer, you'll be informed that suffering doesn't matter because its just illusion.  Doesn't matter??  Try convincing my chronically ill friend that her suffering
doesn't matter and is only an illusion... it seems pretty real to her.
*Buddhism tells us that to exist is to suffer, suffering is caused by desire and to eliminate suffering you need to eliminate desire. This can be achieved by following a list of 8 steps Gautama came up with, which if you follow will lead to the end of the cycle of reincarnation and you
will cease to exist as yourself.  Buddhists don't believe in a Supreme Being/Creator of the World, or a God that you can relate to one-on-one.  The 'Ultimate Reality' is infinite, unlimited, beyond approach and without attributes, it can't be approached or defined by people who are obviously finite and limited... so we can't even conceive of God, much less expect any action on His part in our lives.  But, if the Ultimate Reality is so unknowable, how did this man figure out how to become one with it?
*Islam and its prophet Mohammed say that there is one God and he is Allah, that Mohammed was his prophet.
They say that only by following the Koran and obeying the five 'pillars' (plus the multitude of other rules Mohammed listed) can you connect with this God who is perceived as almighty, completely sovereign over humanity.  God expects perfect obedience from you.  In order to avoid hell, you have to follow all those rules perfectly, so its all up to you - which means you're on your own.  (You really need to read too about Mohammed's personal story; it influenced his 'teachings' in some important ways.) Islam believes Jesus was a good teacher but that he didn't die on the cross.
Now, compare these beliefs with those of Christianity.
God is the Creator, Almighty and ever present, interested actively in us; willing to guide, comfort and lead if we sincerely seek Him.  In the past when humanity couldn't manage to keep the simple list of
rules God gave them thru Moses (the ten 
commandments  - you've heard of them I'm sure), God decided to do something dramatic and give people a direct way to reach Him.  He contained himself in a man called Jesus, came into the world just like all of us do (born, not magically appearing out of thin air); he lived with us and observed us in all our faults and glories... then, he proceeded to share with us a better, simpler & more fulfilling way to live and how to treat our fellow man.  He taught us what was really important (love others, don't spend all your time trying to get rich, rely on God to show you the best direction for your life)... he did a bunch of miracles in front of a LOT of people to both relieve serious suffering he saw but also to get everyone's attention.  Then when the religious leaders of the day felt threatened by his words and his power & figured out a way to have him killed, he went to his death asking for these men to be forgiven.  Three days later he came back from the dead, appearing to hundreds of people - think of those who had actually watched him die on the cross, and how shocked they must have been to see him walking around!!  That is what gave them such conviction to tell everybody they could about who Christ was and what he did - they were eye-witnesses, which as my retired attorney dad says is always the best kind of witness! 
I think God chose to reduce himself to our level, live among us and experience such a horrifying death so that we could see He was serious: when He then offers us genuine compassion & his gift of salvation, we can know that He really understands us.  In walking around on earth for 33 years, God gained an intimate knowledge of how hard it is for us sometimes to just survive, much less do the right thing.  He felt hunger, thirst, temptation, betrayal, frustration and joy just like we do - so when he offered encouragement, it was out of practical experience.
So now, if I pray today for God's help when my friend has died, He literally knows what I need because he experienced the death of a friend too (remember Lazarus?) and he can offer me the exact comfort I need.

So I'm not alone - YOU'RE not alone either, because he knows exactly what you're facing.  The forgiveness factor is fascinating.  If you believe that Jesus was indeed God in human form and that he experienced death (and
resurrection!) on your behalf, then you are forgiven by God of all your screw-ups & mistakes.  I think the simplicity of this offer is what throws a lot of people into a tailspin; but pursue it, embrace it, and it will stir in your heart such a sense of humbleness & appreciation to think that God did all this just for you.  What have we done to deserve this kind of action from an almighty God... we don't deserve it, and we can't be good enough to earn it.  So God just GIVES forgiveness to us if we ask.  Wow.