Jesus Christ is the most radical person in history.  The things he said to people while he was here are sometimes shocking but always thought-provoking.  He had a way of going straight to the heart of the matter with each individual he encountered.  From the time I encountered him until this moment, he is simply irrestible.  You ought to hear what he teaches - and the claims he makes... well, find out for yourself how revolutionary he was.  His life was like no other, his death was definately like no other, and his resurrection offers to this day a hope that endures... He said he was God on earth, sent to show us what the Creator is really like.

And most importantly, how much God the Creator loves us. Since I chose to believe him, I've been shaken & stirred, and set on a life path that is full of purpose and excitement, blessings and sacrifices, love and loss. I tell you from experience:

he does not let you down

.  He does not leave you ~ EVER.  And if you choose to believe he who he claims to be, he's got one cool path for you to travel down too just like he did for me.


Consider these tried and true reasons to consider Christ.

And once you choose to follow Christ, you better look out!  He is going to enlighten you & show you how so many of our society's values & goals are actually worthless... a waste of time.  And you'll understand WHY the world is the way it is... none of this is a surprise, people, the world is headed down a road that leads to an end and, well let's just say you really ought to consider where you stand before it's too late.  Things are going to get worse. 


Let Christ show you how shallow the ways of the world are, and He'll show you where real contentment is to be found. He'll help you get free from the pressure to conform.  Jesus came to show people what God is really like, and to teach us all a better way of living.  He offers to everyone who will listen a new, simpler and more fulfilling life.  Some of his teachings were radical, but they were both a way to true inner peace & a way to release people from unrealistic rules that were  impossible to keep.
Here's one example: Imagine how it sounded to someone back then who had been taught the 'eye for an eye' attitude, to hear a teacher say to not only forgive those who hurt you but forgive again & again & again.  Have you ever tried to forgive an enemy, or help someone that you know despises you?  Its's not easy, is it??  Do you become angry even now just thinking how you've been is treated years ago?  Okay, look: Jesus knows how it is.  He KNEW that hatred & the desire for revenge or retribution will eventually sour you from the inside out... it really is better to forgive, for your own sake. That's why he said to forgive; to choose to forgive your enemy and those who mistreat you - it doesn't let them off the hook - for your own mental well being.  I'm here to tell you that I've experienced betrayal from a very close friend - someone who I confided in and trusted, who I remained a friend to even as I tried unsuccessfully to get the friendship back on track (according to what the Bible suggests, too: first talk to them yourself and try to resolve it, then if that doesn't work bring in another person to 'mediate'... but my former friend refused it all.) This person eventually revealed her true inner self to be so full of bitterness, paranoia and outright envy, I realized she actually chose to turn on me as she had so many others in her life.  Did I forgive her?  Yes - but it took two years, and would have been impossible without Jesus' help.  He revealed to me her inner turmoil, through remembering things she'd said and done during our friendship that I had chosen to ignore at the time; he actually replaced my anger & resentment towards her with genuine pity. Today my anger is gone, the resentment had dissipated, and I've learned a crucial lesson: choose friends more wisely.


Here is the thing about Jesus's teachings: see, in his day Jesus spent a lot of time with ordinary people.  He felt sorry for them because the religious leaders of the day burdened everyone with so many religious laws and requirements, it was nearly impossible to keep them all. Jesus told people that from now on, all they had to do was believe that he was the Son of God, and they would not only have a new, 1-on-1 relationship with God now; they'd be forgiven of their sins too.  How astonishing that must have sounded to people who were accustomed to offering frequent ritual bloody animal sacrifices to make up for what they'd done wrong.  A lot of people decided to follow Christ right then when they heard his offer.  But also, the religious leaders were alarmed at this guy who was telling people they were no longer bound to the rituals and rules of the past... they couldn't see the truth Christ spoke and were so offended at his undermining of their authority they actually began to plot how they'd try to get rid of him...

For centuries, people had been given multitudes of laws by religious leaders,and told they had to obey all of these laws in order for God to like them.  Only the priest could actually approach God.   But then Jesus came on the scene &  he didn't say "this world is an illusion"... he didn't say "God is beyond your reach"... he didn't say "you are your own reality".  He said anyone could approach God through him . During his lifetime Jesus did many miracles to prove his deity.  Don't you think those people who saw the miracles were amazed!  Jesus actually said "Even if you don't believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father!" (John 10: 38)  Later on he said, "Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves!"  (John 14:11)  He knew we need visuals - evidence - proof...  But just to show you how hard some hearts are, there were religious leaders present when Lazarus actually walked out of his tomb at Christ's beckoning - know what they did next?  They went grumbling away to plot how to murder Jesus...

There were many wise teachers & prophets before Jesus, and there have been many since.  But the one thing that sets Jesus apart is what he did: he willingly died a horrible death in our place.  There is historical evidence that he actually existed and actually was crucified.  But, three afternoons later, after he had been buried, he came out of  that grave.  Hundreds of people witnessed his walking around town.  Now that's amazing... and a challenge to accept, too.  But there were witnesses who saw him later, folks who had no reason to lie - in fact, they had risked their very lives in even claiming to have seen him!  Why risk sure death if it wasn't true... 

Get ready for this: if you choose to believe that Jesus did this for you, that is all it takes to be in a 1-on-1 relationship with God forever.  If you choose Christ, he chooses you right back.

*He will never leave you.  I chose him 41 years ago and he's been literally with me since that day.

*His advice and rules are designed to keep you out of harm's way. You'll be able to trust him without limit, without fear.

*He doesn't want to 'cramp your style' - he wants you to be the very best you can be.

*He is waiting to show you the life path where you will find fulfillment.

You can find happiness & contentment & inner peace right now.