www.redcockerillgallery.com  Ann Cockerill and I have been friends since 1975 when I began working at her art gallery & frame shop part-time while I attended Kennesaw College (this was before it was the University of today.) She is still a dear, close friend.  The Red Cockerill Gallery is still in Austell on Cemetery Street and is still the best place in Cobb county for artwork, prints, gifts, art classes and framing.  


www.susangardner.net I've found some amazing, encouraging things during my study of the Bible.  Come read some of these discoveries. 



My friend Vince and Gretta Payne are missionaries in Panama - you really ought to see what they are doing there!  Building schools, orphanages, and taking the good news about Jesus Christ to everyone they meet.  Check out their latest report, and visit their web site to find out more at:


 Panamá Mission Foundation is a California Nonprofit Corporation working to benefit the people of Panamá. We are dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, helping the poor and uniting believers.  Collectively, PMF’s board members have many decades of experience in missions and ministry. In Panama, PMF operates under the direction of Vince Payne. At right is a photo of Vince, his wife Gretta and their daughter Bryanna.  PMF is non-denominational.  Work is concentrated in rainforest villages east of the former Canal Zone where mission opportunities abound.



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